A Lifeline Portrait for The Perfect Intimate Wedding Gift


If you are getting married later in life you more than likely already have all the household items you need to not require an traditional gift list. You may also be struggling for an idea that is unique and intimate to buy for your partner as a wedding day gift.

Well, we may have found that special something that ticks all the boxes. Have a peep at Lifeline Portraits 

Peter Davis is the artist, based in Cheshire, who has created something unusual and he says..

“I think my paintings work so well as wedding gifts because they are all about love. Bringing together two people’s lifelines can symbolise their close relationship in the most positive way imaginable. A Lifeline Portrait is not only a work of art, it’s a declaration of their love and unity that they can put on their wall and enjoy for the rest of their lives together”.



I love the fact that it represents the family bond in such a different way than a generic (and expensive) photo shoot you get in a high street photography studio. A Lifeline Portrait is able to go beyond the ‘pose’ and really get to the heart of the deep and lifelong bond that forms the essence of ‘family’.  

A lot of people don’t like to have photos of themselves on the wall at home. A Lifeline Portrait lets them celebrate their relationship with their partner or family in a more abstract and less showy way, yet still have something that uniquely represents them.



Every Lifeline Portrait is totally unique as it features the curves of lifelines from those people’s hands, which are then combined and recreated to make a one-off dramatic statement. 

Lifeline Portrait’s can feature anything from a couple’s two lifelines to a big family group. Peter says..

“I once did a wonderful painting that included the lifelines of three generations of a family (from 5 to 75 years old)!” 

A Lifeline Portrait can be any colour or shape to suit the style and size room it’s going to be hanging in.  Prices for a Lifeline Portrait range from £120 to £675.  They’re done  on the finest quality, handmade deep box linen canvas so are designed not to be framed.

A gift certificate is an easy and convenient way to allow your friends or family to buy you a Lifeline Portrait that you can have painted at a time to suit you.

 I’m sure you will agree that a lifeline would make a perfect addition to any room and we love them. 

“All our features are aimed towards our readers being Brides Over 40. (40 plus brides). Rather than calling these fabulous ladies ‘mature Brides‘ we call them ‘Beautilicious Brides’ who are marrying later in life, whether it be a first or second time wedding or even a celebration ceremony for renewing vows”                                                

 (Janet – Creative Director at Beautilicious40 Bride)

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