Daisy Mae Designs – Renews Her Wedding Vows


Daisy Mae Designs, specialize in Vintage Bridal Brooch Bouquets and Amanda is the creator of the most amazing bouquets and accessories using brooches and jewellery to suit your budget and specific requirements.  
Amanda also recently celebrated 30 years of marriage with a renewal of vows ceremony in the Lake District.  It is a pleasure to showcase some of Daisy Mae Designs along with the photographs of Amanda and Andre’s special occasion. 




Flower Girl Bouquets and Guest Book


When did you start your Business?
 I started Daisy Mae Designs in 2010 and I am absolutely passionate about what I do. All my bouquets are bespoke and the Bride is very welcome to have a few special pieces of jewellery designed into her bouquet from her Mum, Nan or even Grandad’s tiepin. Making a beautiful bouquet filled with wonderful memories can also be a wonderful tribute to loved ones who can no longer be with us.  Having them close by on this very special day is perfect!  I know how I felt having my Mums cross in my bouquet. 


How much do the Brooch Bouquets cost? 
My company ethos is that I want everyone to be able to afford a beautiful bouquet that they can treasure on their wedding day, not just the Brides that are fortunate to have lots of money.  The prices range from £45 – £350 so there is a bouquet to suit everyone’s price bracket.  All made of course with lots of love and care.


How long do they take to design? 
The bouquets take anything from 10 to 40 hours to design. I ship my bouquets worldwide, so distance isn’t a problem at all.  I am always at the end of the phone or email to chat to my customers and help them with any queries they may have. 


What inspires you?
 Beautiful sparkly brooches inspire me. I get such a thrill designing bouquets and tiara for my Brides. I feel so privileged and it means the world to me.  Actually it still feels like a bit of a dream to tell you the truth.
This quote I have on my website and it’s how I feel about my business and gives me the determination to always remain professional and carry on putting my heart and soul into everything I do.
 “You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.” Maya Angelou



“Andre and I got married on 17th July 1982 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  I was born in Biggin Hill, London and my parent immigrated to South Africa in 1964.  We have been back in England since 1997.  Andre was offered very good job opportunity – he is an Electrical Engineer and works at Bentley - designing electrical wire harnesses for the car before it is manufacture. 


We have three grown up children ages 28,27 & 25 and a very very beautiful Grandson, who is 5 years old”.

Wedding Day 1982

“In April 2012 whilst working on one of my Brides bouquets I thought that I would love to surprise Andre and arrange a Wedding Vow Renewal.  We were planning to go to the Lake District for our wedding anniversary on the 17th July, so I thought that would be a perfect opportunity”.


“We booked the B&B that we have stayed at for the past 10 years, Briardene Guest House and then work began to try and arrange this without Andre finding out.  I wanted something very personal and romantic as it was also celebrating our 30th Anniversary.  It would just be the two of us. We had renewed our wedding vows 10 years ago in front of friends and family – which was wonderful.  But this time it was about Andre & I and our love and commitment to each other”. 



“Well as you can guess I am not very good at keeping secrets, especially one as exciting as this.  Andre got home from work one day and I called him into my studio and asked him to sit down as there was something that I would like to tell him. I then put the song by Bruno Mars … ‘I think I want to marry you’ on  and promptly burst into tears and couldn’t even speak to tell him my plans.  Needless to say once I had managed to tell him about my surprise we were both in tears”.  


“First thing was to design myself a bouquet and add special pieces of jewellery, just as I do for my Brides. Designed into my bouquet was a waterfall brooch that Andre had bouquet me as a gift, a gold heart from my daughter, two pieces of jewellery from two very special friends and the cross that my Mum wore the day that she got married and that I wore on my wedding day 30 years ago. Wonderful memories all wrapped up in a vintage crystal brooch bouquet. I then made myself some vintage style shoes clips to finish off my beautiful ivory satin shoes”.



My friend Sarah from Sarah Cussons Jewellery designed me a pearl necklace, and matching pearl earrings as a gift, which was so sweet. 
Jessica Bissell from  Jessicouture designed me a beautiful garter in ivory silk and black lace to match my dress. 

“I designed myself a cake topper for our cake – beautiful silver butterfly with loads and crystals, pearls and roses”.

Vintage Cake Topper

“My dress I bought off the peg, it was ivory chiffon with black lace”
“The service was held at St Martin Church in Bowness.  It was just beautiful. The service was all about love, 1 Corinthian 13.  We both have a new ring which we wear with our original wedding rings”.
It had been raining in the Lake District for weeks but the day of our Wedding Vow Renewal it stopped!  Our beautiful vintage Rolls Royce that we had hired from Lakeland Chauffeurs  and fabulous photographer Tiree Dawson  arrived at 3.30pm and the wonderful day began. Our friends from the B&B Sam and Dave, also joined us for this very special occasion. 
“After the ceremony we had a scenic drive in ‘Grace’ the elegant Rolls Royce and a fabulous meal together at the Old English Hotel in Bowness.  Later we went for a couple of glasses of champagne in the town centre, still all dressed up, people were quite surprised to see a Bride and Groom down their local pub! It was such fun, we had a fab night and  just laughed and laughed. It was brilliant “
“I am very blessed to have a wonderful marriage to the kindest, most gentle person in the world.  He still gives me butterflies when he walks in the room.  What we have together is very special and there is a little saying that just sums up our love for one another…


‘As we grow old together, as we continue to change with age ….
  there is one thing that will never change …. 
I will always keeping falling in love with you’  


Thank you so much Amanda for sharing your wonderful bouquets and special occasion with us. Your love for each other shines through. 

Vintage Brooch Bouquets and Accessories – Daisy Mae Designs 
Photography – Tiree Dawson
Wedding Car – Lakeland Chauffers 
Jewellery – Sarah Cussons Jewellery
Garter – Jessicouture
Lake District Guest House – Briardene Guest House 

All our features are aimed towards our readers being Brides Over 40. Rather than calling these fabulous ladies mature Brides we call them ‘Beautilicious Brides’ who are marrying later in life, whether it be a first or second time wedding or even a celebration ceremony for renewing vows”                                  (Janet – Creative Director at Beautilicious40 Bride) 


Introducing Crystal Bouquets by Tilly.


I first met Carol Clayton from Crystal Bouquets by Tilly’ at a wedding fair in January 2012. I was particularly drawn to her stand at Tatton Park because everything was so sparkly and pretty.


I love a bit of Swarovski bling!



The quality of her work is exceptional and when I picked one of the bouquets up, it felt almost ‘magical’ in my hands. I can imagine how delighted Carol’s brides must be when they set eyes on their own personal treasured bouquet.


'Grace' Bouquet


I have been in regular contact with Carol since then and I’m delighted to showcase ‘Crystal Bouquets by Tilly’ on Beautilicious 40 Here are a few words from Carol on how she got started:-

“I started my business in 2009 after searching for something a little different for my own wedding. My husband and I had decided to marry in Cyprus so I was aware a floral bouquet was out of the question.”


“I wanted something totally different but it had to be ready before we set off. A very dear friend of mine helped me and eventually we came up with something very special – a crystal wedding bouquet!”
“After the wedding, I looked at my bouquet (which I loved) and I thought to myself…… “there must be other ladies out there that would be proud to have such a beautiful bouquet and that it could also be a lovely business” …..and I was right.”
“My bouquets are mainly crystal and I use only the best by Swarovski. I also create seed bead bouquets by using different colours and textures of seed beads and sprinkle them with some Swarovski crystal too.”

A seed beaded and crystal bouquet from the 'annie' range in gold


'Harper' full silver Swarovski Crystal Bouquet

“I have a very popular vintage style bouquet called “Meredith,” which is named after the wonderful photographer Lesley Meredith. This bouquet holds Swarovski crystals, glass pearls, diamante accents and lots of other pretty beads.”

'Meredith' Vintage Style Bouquet

“I use non-tarnish silver wire and twist every bead onto the wire as the creation begins.  Below is a close up the the ‘Ava’  short teardrop bouquet and you can see the work involved and where I have twisted the crystals onto the wire.

'Ava' Short teardrop bouquet close up


Artificial rose bouquet with Swarovski red flowers inserted


Artificial rose and brooch bouquet


'Daisy' Bridal Bouquet using Swarovski crystals


Crystal buttonhole

“‘Crystal Bouquets by Tilly’ has really taken off and grown a great deal since those early days. Every bouquet I make is very special and created with affection. I get really excited every time the crystal delivery arrives and I can get creating. I’m proud to say I love my work,”

Many thanks to Carol of ‘Crystal Bouquets by Tilly’ for sharing her story and images. I am sure you will all agree they are an absolute treasure.


Crystal Bouquets by Tilly 

Crystal Bouquet Photography – Lesley Meredith


“All our features are aimed towards our readers being Brides Over 40/40 plus Bride. Rather than calling these fabulous ladies mature Brides we call them ‘Beautilicious Brides’ who are marrying later in life, whether it be a first or second time wedding or even a celebration ceremony for renewing vows”                                  (Janet – Creative Director at Beautilicious40 Bride)