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We were so excited when this beautiful wedding landed in our inbox. Justine and Devon have such a wonderful story of how they met, the proposal and intimate wedding details that we couldn’t wait to share it with you.  We have pleasure in handing over to the Beautilicious40 Bride, Justine to tell their story in her own words. 


“We were so thrilled to find your lovely site catering to older couples/brides like us who know our wedding day and relationships are every bit as special as those of our younger counterparts”  


“My husband Devon and I were married at Dalhousie Castle in Scotland on 17th May this year.  It was a first wedding for both of us who went through many past relationships to find each other and our true companions.  We wanted something very private and personalized just for us to honor the very special moment we considered our wedding to be.  It was very romantic, unique, and we’d love to tell the tale of our beautiful Scotland wedding and how even my husband had so much fun devising a ceremony perfect for us” 
“My husband and I met online, via   I’m a freelance writer while he’s in the film industry, so you know how the story goes: neither of us had the opportunity to meet as many people as we liked through our work and as we’re very set in our ways and now, at this age, so terribly picky, we assumed going online was the best option.  We had actually both invested in the site’s less expensive 6-month registration, only to near the end of that period and figure we’d give the site one last “go,” before closing our accounts.  And then, I expanded my search outside of my own city, and found him!  He was reluctant to reply as well as I was so far away and he had too many bad online dating experiences.   But we’re both optimists and 10 days of long emails led to his travelling to my city to meet me.  The rest is history” 


“My husband does happen to be a big romantic (even more so than I!), so a week before our engagement, he had tried to talk me into driving way out of town late one afternoon just to “watch the sun set.”  I was so tired and talked him out of it, only to find out ten days later after our actual engagement, that he’d just received the ring he designed and was dying to propose to me right away!   I had no idea I was delaying the moment I’d been waiting for!  When he did manage to steal me out of town under the guise of exploring the shore on the coast, he spotted a private cliff overlooking the ocean, pulled out a love letter to read aloud to me, and presented my ring.  We both cried and held each other for a long time after I finally managed to answer a resounding “yes!”



“My dress is a bargain deal I shopped around for online and found a great site, Helene Bridal, with so many choices and customization which ships worldwide.  Dresses are made over a few weeks and can be ordered to very specific measurements, which is so great for all of us as who fits every part of a standard size sample??  Even with the short deadline I was working with and little planning time, I was able to find exactly what I wanted, order it to my measurements, and receive it in time for the wedding.  I highly recommend them for brides who like to save!”
“We wanted to marry in a significant location, some place outside of our home country, and researched “destination weddings” everywhere from Mexico and the Caribbean to Italy.  We ran into so many frustrating problems with getting married where we were not actual residents with paperwork requirements and our very short timeline.  When we discovered the ease of marrying in Scotland, we knew it was the perfect spot for us”.  


“We emailed so many wedding planners to help with our “destination wedding,” the overseas paperwork, and all the planning details.  We wanted to just show up in Scotland a couple months later and have our beautiful wedding waiting for us as we road tripped around the UK before and after.  We were blessed to discover Litu (Leave It to Us) and the amazing couple George and Kimmie who own the wedding planning business.  From the first email, we knew every detail would be taken care of for us, our tight budget would be catered to, and everything would be as flexible as we needed. They even helped us decide what kind of wedding we really wanted with extras we never knew were possible. They have since become part of our extended family. 
The big day was so easy for us because George and Kimmie had all the details taken care of and were great at calming our nerves all along the way.  Without them, we wouldn’t have enjoyed many of the special details of our wedding”.  
“We chose Dalhousie Castle outside Edinburgh to marry in their wedding chapel.  Wanting a private ceremony all to ourselves, George and Kimmie were our witnesses and our “family” that entire day, always there with a story, smiles, laughter, and support for every detail.  All we had to do was run through the perfect schedule they designed, through our private dining and outdoor photo session, even being schooled on drinking Scotch!  With a humanist presiding, we were able to design the entire ceremony just for us”.




“We chose a traditional hand fasting ceremony and my fiancé was trained in falconry that morning on the castle grounds to that Bonnie the white owl could fly down from the balcony to rest on his arm and deliver our rings during the ceremony!  My fiancé also chose to wear the traditional kilt attire to pay homage to the local culture and history of the location itself and really loved learning how to wear every piece and choosing his own tartan pattern.  It’s a day we’ll never forget, and the photos of our moments there still wow everyone we show them to”.  


“Our photographer was Duke Studios who took an amazing array of candid and posed shots that really captured our special day. The best moment of the entire experience was standing with my husband to pose for photos outdoors after the wedding, smiling, laughing, and pretending it wasn’t raining in the changing Scottish weather.  We had so much fun, despite the weather, that I knew we’d continue to laugh and find joy in every moment ahead of us in our new life together.  The photos were so beautiful, crisp, colourful and full of life; I don’t think they would’ve been as wonderful if taken in the sunshine!”

“If we could change anything at all about our day, we would’ve planned to stay more nights at the beautiful castle and that quiet suite that seemed to belong to us.  We loved the location of our wedding so much, we wanted to soak up more of the atmosphere, culture, friendly staff, food, etc. before leaving.  We stayed in the King Edward room with a beautiful four-poster bed, private attached rooms, and antique furnishings with all the modern amenities.  We plan to return to stay there often!”



“From our own experience, I would most recommend to any bride-to-be to not hold back if you want a “destination wedding.”  It is possible and the right wedding planners will ensure all the paperwork and extra details are completely taken care of for you. You’ll know with the first correspondence which planners really care for your big day and individual needs.  Don’t hesitate to ask them a million questions and for additional ideas for your ceremony you may not think of.  Definitely consider Scotland itself for a truly special wedding and experience.  The people, culture, countryside (and so many fairytale-like castles to choose from!!), food, and entire visit will amaze you”.


“Thank you for welcoming us onto your site and we hope we can help encourage other readers to make all their wedding wishes come true”.
We would like to extend our congratulations and heartfelt wishes to Justine and Devon and wish them every future happiness. 

“All our features are aimed towards our readers being Brides Over 40. Rather than calling these fabulous ladies mature Brides we call them ‘Beautilicious Brides’ who are marrying later in life, whether it be a first or second time wedding or even a celebration ceremony for renewing vows”                                                 (Janet – Creative Director at Beautilicious40 Bride)


  1. What a lovely couple and such a nice wedding ceremony. Very nice, I like it.

  2. What a beautiful wedding and I love the wedding dress and location.

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