Four Wedding-Perfect Eras for Theme Inspiration


Add a touch of unique style to your big day by injecting some vintage touches into the ceremony. If you are in a bridal rut, a themed wedding can provide you with ideas, inspiration and an overall element which elegantly ties together the whole event. Past eras are filled with class, sophistication, fun and memories. What better way to include great styles from the past than in your own wedding? Here are four great eras to research for your nuptials.




The glitz and decadent glamour of the 1920’s has recently been revived thanks to the star studded release of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby. To get a 1920’s look for your wedding, opt for a beaded wedding dress with a plunging neckline in cream or off white. The art deco movement inspired geometric prints, jewellery and shapes during the era so look online to find art deco ornaments and decorative pieces. No 1920’s bridal outfit would be complete without lavish diamond and silver jewellery from a headdress down to rings and bracelets. You may want to consider purchasing some cheap wedding insurance to protect expensive items. Men wore crisp black suits with bow ties with neatly slicked back hair. 



Financial depressions which gripped many parts of the world in the 1920’s were becoming harder to ignore in the 1930’s. Even Hollywood had troubles with censorship and lower budgets. Therefore it would be appropriate to use the 1930’s as a point to talk DIY. DIY weddings can be fun and romantic, as you search for thrifty alternatives in little boutiques. Bridal outfits were still tailored and crisp; however, they were simpler, with less jewellery and higher necklines. Many dresses were decorated with a diamond waist belt rather than lots of cascading jewellery. You can still incorporate art deco finishes into the wedding however, items were becoming less ornate and more streamlined in the 1930’s as modernism took over.




The 1950’s were a time of quaint housewives, spring colours and hourglass dresses. Popular films during the era included Disney classics, Some Like it Hot with Marilyn Monroe and Singing in the Rain. For wedding inspiration, think Desperate Housewives, kitsch ornaments and twee patterns. Focus on pastel colours like lilac, light blues, cream and yellow. Wedding dresses were kept to traditional white, however, women showed off their curves with synched waistlines. Dress lengths usually came just below the knee and were often teamed with fluffy underskirts for volume. Add a simple pearl necklace to your bridal look with brightly coloured shoes to jazz up your outfit. 



The 1970’s were a celebration of freedom and fun, filled with hippie bohemia, rock and roll and disco. Velvet suits were popular amongst men and women wore floaty floral prints with headdresses and comfortable shoes. Incorporate this era into your wedding with garlands of flowers, ornate lace materials and velvet for the groom. Finish off your bridal look with a flowing veil and a flower headband. Set your 1970’s wedding during the summer in a green field or a lush green meadow for an utterly romantic day. 


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