Introducing Neale James – Documentary Wedding Photographer


Today we have pleasure in introducing you to our latest featured wedding business – Neale James who is a super talented Documentary Wedding Photographer.


Neale James is  based in Berkshire and accepts commissions throughout the UK, equally popular for weddings in London, Surrey, Hampshire, Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds. Professionally photographing weddings for almost a decade he champions an informal reportage wedding photography style, and has recently been associated with Cowell Management for celebrity and VIP weddings.

Neale explains what makes his style different from an average traditional wedding photographer and you can see for yourself the high standard of images and the special moments captured that are nothing short of breathtaking.  Have a peep over to his website where you can view amazing photofilms. A word of advice,  make sure you have refreshments and a box of tissues to hand as they make addictive viewing and I guarantee you will shed a tear or two.  


 Introducing Neale James
“I’ve been a full time, professional documentary wedding photographer for almost eight years now and during this time have been commissioned to photograph almost 500 weddings the length and breadth of Britain. I’ve also been fortunate enough to photograph destination weddings too, including celebrations in Switzerland and even South Africa!”
“My style is generally referred to as ‘documentary, reportage or editorial’ wedding photography although away from search engine and magazine terminology, I like to feel I’m a photographic storyteller. I tell YOUR unique story in the most honest, natural and beautiful way possible to leave you with an everlasting legacy of your wedding day”.
“In addition to my photography, I also record sound for my clients to produce Photofilms, a selection of which you can view here .  As one of the first UK photographers to offer this to clients, partly due to a background of sound editing from my days at the BBC, this new genre means not only are couples able to ‘look’ back at their wedding day in pictures, they’re also able to listen back to vows and even speeches, something else they can cherish and pass on to future generations. From that perspective I have for some couples become both their photographer and videographer, in sound terms at least.”
“Some people ask me if there’s still a role for the ‘professional wedding photographer’ when digital cameras, and indeed even camera phones are technically improving on an almost daily basis. My instant reaction is yes, as I’m still averaging 70 wedding bookings a year, and I suppose this is very simply that a great camera doesn’t always make a great photographer. I like to cook, but I’m no Raymond Blanc just as Uncle Bob may indeed have a great camera and take some ‘nice photos’ but whether he’s able to photograph a wedding in all it’s detailed, emotional glory is, I’d suggest, another matter”.
“Of course budgets are a factor, and if a photographer is out of reach financially then absolutely, choose the best person possible to capture your day but if it’s a toss up between pretty chair covers and giving a full time, professional photographer the responsibility of ensuring your wedding photographs will always transport you back to the day of your wedding, I know which I’d choose”.
Thank you Neale , I know what I would choose too. You can view more of Neale James wedding images featuring Brides Over 40  in our REAL WEDDINGS section:- 
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“All our features are aimed towards our readers being Brides Over 40. (40 plus brides). Rather than calling these fabulous ladies mature Brides we call them ‘Beautilicious Brides’ who are marrying later in life, whether it be a first or second time wedding or even a celebration ceremony for renewing vows”                                                 (Janet – Creative Director at Beautilicious40 Bride)

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