Renewal Of Vows

Renewal of Vows ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular as a way for couples that are already married, to re-affirm their love and promises made to each other. These ceremonies can often be emotional, touching and beautifully romantic.
There are many reasons why you might be thinking of renewing your vows:-
  • You may be celebrating a special anniversary
  • You may not have had the wedding of your dreams the first time round.
  • You may want to share your love with your children or grandchildren present.
  • You may have overcome a serious illness or still facing those challenges.
  • You may have overcome a difficult phase of your relationship.
  • You may just be romantic and want to declare love for each other once again. 
Whatever your reasons, they are valid and that is all that matters.

The beauty of a renewal of vows ceremony is that it can be held wherever and whenever you want. Whether it’s a small occasion with just the two of you present, or a wedding event including best man and bridesmaids, the choice is entirely yours.
It is a wonderful example to set to children and grandchildren that love can last and what a beautiful scene it would make that children can watch their parents join hands and declare their love publicly and also be included in the ceremony and photographs.

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Most people elect to have their ceremony conducted by a specially trained professional Celebrant and there are various sites online to give you further advice on this (see the end of this feature).
A Celebrant will arrange to meet you beforehand to discuss your ceremony and will deliver it according to the choices you make. Your Celebrant’s primary goal is to ensure that your ceremony runs smoothly and that you have a truly memorable day.
However, you can also choose to have it led by someone you know instead and some celebrants offer a script-only ‘classic’ or ‘bespoke’ service for couples who wish to do this.

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Wedding vow renewal ceremonies can be as creative and personal as you want them to be.  It can be a small or lavish day with full wedding attire; you could even wear your wedding dress again.
If it is something elegant and classy you are looking for, a two piece suit or dress and jacket can be finished off by flowers in your hair or a fascinator. 
You may end your day with a quiet meal with a few members of your family or just the two of you, or, you may want to hold a full blown wedding reception with a sit down meal, a photographer, cake and speeches. 
Your imagination and memory can be used to recreate your first wedding day. Have your wedding cake and bouquet replicated with the same colour theme or you can change it completely with a theme that reflects you both now.

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You could have you original wedding day video playing in the background and display photographs that have been taken during the course of your marriage.
You can even enjoy a beautiful second honeymoon by having your renewal ceremony overseas with your closest family and friends.

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However you choose to renew you vows, if you are a bride over 40 , we would love to hear about it.
If you wish to share your story with Beautilicious40 readers please follow the guidelines as requested in ‘Tell Us Your Wedding Story’ section and include the header ‘RENEWAL OF VOWS’.
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For further information and guidelines regarding renewal of vows ceremonies, you may find the following sites useful. 
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