Tell Us Your Wedding Story


Do you want to feature a wedding on Beautilicious 40?

One of the main reasons for creating a website for brides over 40 and second-time brides is to give inspiration and fabulous ideas to these ‘Beautilicious‘ brides.

One of the best ways to do that, is to feature as many Real Weddings as we can.


Beautilicious40 welcomes real wedding features from brides, photographers and other wedding suppliers and  unlike other blogs/websites we do not mind if your wedding has been featured elsewhere.


As we are a website dedicated to brides over 40 we have a specific audience that may not have seen your images and our aim is to showcase different styles of weddings to inspire our readers.


If you are a wedding supplier that is also submitting as a bride-over-40 we may consider including your business story (if it is relevant to our viewers), without charging the usual sponsored feature fee. Please include brief details with your submission. 


Please follow these guidelines:-
In the first instance, please forward approx 10 images to  with the subject as ‘REAL WEDDING SUBMISSION‘ or ‘RENEWAL OF VOWS’
  1. Images must be 500 pixels in width and must not contain watermarks.
  2. We would prefer the majority of images to be in colour.
  3. Please also include a brief paragraph about the wedding including, names, date, venue and a brief background of whether it’s a first or a second time wedding etc. (Our readers relate to this kind of information)
  4. We will reply to your email within the week and if your submission has been successful we will forward a questionnaire for the bride to complete.
  5. If you are the bride you will need to have permission from the photographer so we can credit their work.
  6. At this point we will ask you for a further set of images (approx 50 more) via Dropbox or email.

When the feature has been published we will contact you with the link to the website.

Your feature will be published via website, facebook and twitter for maximum viewing results.

We look forward to hearing from you.